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Table tennis bats are high-performance products and the most important tools of the trade for a table tennis player. So that you can enjoy your table tennis rackets for a long time and play with them successfully, I will give you 5 tips on how to use the racket and rubbers correctly.

1st tip: take care of your rubbers

Proper care of your surfaces is essential. Because it guarantees a long service life and a successful game. Clean your base with a special base cleaner after every training and competition. Special protective films provide protection against contamination and damage to the floor covering. Pimple players clean their surfaces with pimple brushes.

Tip 2: How to protect your racket

Protect your racket from damage, heat, cold and dust by stowing your racket in a racket case or in a table tennis case.

3. Tip: When should the pads be replaced?

The grip and elasticity of the rubbers decrease from game to game. Of course, rubbers wear out faster the more often you play. For example, if you play six hours a week, you should have your rubbers reapplied after about 10 to 12 weeks or reapply yourself.

4th tip: Buy a second racket for competitive games

Imagine you are in the middle of a competition. You lead and victory is within your grasp. Suddenly your racket breaks or you slit the surface on the table tennis table. You don't have a second racket. With that victory is gone and a world collapses for you. To save you this horror scenario, buy an identical second racket, which you of course take with you to every competition. So you can continue playing with the second racket even if you are at 9: 9 in the decisive set.

Tip 5: You have to pay attention to this when laying your own racket

If you cover your table tennis racket yourself, it can happen that you tear off the wood fibers of the racket when you remove the old covering. So that the wood remains undamaged, have the surface of the stick sealed. Go to a table tennis shop and have it sealed by qualified personnel. For Any Information regarding handling rackets and rubbers we are the best for it you can visit our website Ping Pong Table #1 Destination for all your Queries !

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