Learn how to make a top spin in the game of ping-pong

The Englishmen, especially the British colonials, has introduced ping-pong as a game to the world in the 18th century. With their movement to many countries, the craze of playing ping-pong increased. It was earlier only an after-dinner game with the higher authorities used to play for entertainment.


As they move to other countries, more people got familiar with the game and started to adopt it. In the earlier 20th century, it was declared a national game and was also added to the Olympics.

With the advancements in the game, the equipment also advanced. Earlier, the bat used was normally made of wood. As time passed, many pods were attached with the bat to introduce the factor of spinning the ball into the game. One of the most basic yet essential kinds of spin is the topspin. So, let us discuss in detail that how a player can produce a topspin in the ping pong.


  • The first step that a new player has to take is to serve the ball properly. People use various angles and postures to hit the ball, which is wrong. One has to take care of the fact that they hit the ball near the center. It will produce the best serve.
  • When you master the technique of normally serving the ball, you have to learn how one can produce the spin. One has to slightly rub the racquet on the ball if they want to produce the spin. The direction in which you will spin will decide that what is kind of spin you are doing. First, learn to spin naturally don’t move to the directions too fast.
  • To develop the topspin, you have to take care that the racquet will always stay below the ball. You have to rub the racquet from the mid of the ball below and push its upsides.
  • The next aspect you have to learn is to learn the effect of bowls. The topspin of the ball increases the downwards pressure of the ball. The reason behind it is that it will stay low as the ball hits the table, and there are chances that your opponent will not be able to play it.
  • After that, you have to learn the position of the serving. Yes, the position is also important from where you will serve the ball. If you are a right-handed player, then you must stand at the backend corner of the table. The right foot will be forward, and the knees will be bend. It is the perfect position for topspin serving.
  • The final aspect is the throw the ball in the air with an open palm. Along with that, you have to learn that to what length you have to throw the ball in the air. It also affects the efficiency of your spin.


Now you have learned how to make a top spin properly, so practice is the main key to becoming a pro in spinning the ball. You have to wait for the perfect time to use the pin you want to score a point. We Give Best Tips about Ping Pong Visit the Link Ping Pong Beast #1 Destination for all your Queries  . 




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