How To Clean A Ping Pong Table

Love for ping pong brings with it the responsibility of keeping its gears intact. Actually, even if you are not a professional or serious player, and playing Ping Pong is just one of the hobbies of yours, or rather, the Ping Pong table is just a piece of decoration in your backyard, any way, if you have spent some amount of money in getting it home you ought to keep it clean and safe. That’s what we are going to discuss. How to clean your Ping Pong table?

Why Cleaning Your Ping Pong Table is Essential?

Though cleaning your Ping Pong table is part of aesthetics, but there still are some technical errors that might occur if the table is not cleaned, and that’s why you need to clean it.

  1. A dirty Ping Pong table does not give a proper bounce to the ball. The consistency lowers like anything and so does your game.
  2. A dirty Ping Pong table is prone to transfer the dirt to your paddle as well. This way, not just your table, but also your paddle gets worn-off real soon.
  3. If the ping Pong table is not cleaned regularly, it loses its essence over time. It becomes dirty and eventually makes the table look old.


How Often Should You Clean Your Ping Pong Table?


The frequency of cleaning the Ping Pong table depends directly on how often you use it. If it’s a regular issue for you, make sure to clean the table every next day. Else, just keep it covered in a dry and tidy place. If it’s stored in a good place and you play with it once a week, make sure to clean it before or after the game. We Give Best Tips And Tricks About Ping Pong Visit Our Ping Pong Beast .


How To Clean A Ping Pong Table?


Here comes the question why you ended up in this page in the first place. How should you clean your Ping Pong table? Here’s a step by step procedure for you.


  1. Remove the cover that’s been placed to keep the table safe.
  2. Use a clean cloth to clean up all the superficial dust that might be lying on the table.
  3. Use a spray bottle or damp a clean cloth in water or vinegar solution and again, sweep it around the table.
  4. If the table is way too dirty, repeat the previous step.
  5. Lubricate all the moving parts of the table once everything is being cleaned.
  6. Once the whole table is cleaned, next step is to clean the net. Use a diluted Vinegar solution made of 1 part of Vinegar to 5 parts of water. Damp the net in the solution leaving behind the vertical supports and attachments.


I agree, the process of cleaning can be really boring and undesirable, but if you have spared bucks on getting it all home, you need to keep it clean and tidy, or else the table would be nothing but a garbage to be dumped. If you love Ping Pong, love its gears and equipment equally.